Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Flippy Wantan Mee @ Glenmarie.

From selling wantan mee at Intan (Section 17)---- Chai Siew Chai (Paramount Garden)----Happy Flippy Wantan Mee (Glenmarie)-I considered the chef to be a wandering wantan mee man.

The plus point about him is his friendliness.

He makes his own noodles and with a shop named Happy Flippy Wantan Mee -he sure  likes to flip his springy noodles.

Located one street down from the famous Meng Kee Char Siew and next door to Pao Xiang BKT-the competition will be real tough for him !

Parking is bearable.
Chunky pieces of roast pork belly with crispy crackling skin-juicy with tinge of 5 spices powder-Rm12/
BBQ pork-well caramelized - the proportion of  fat:lean was not balanced (he should find a better butcher)-wish it was thicker-normally it was my fave-Rm12/
Springy plain house made noodle-not too wet or oily served with blanched Choy Sam-best !- Rm3/ 
Siew Kow-pork dumpling - firmly wrapped with minced pork/black fungus/ carrot and smooth wantan skin-would like it better with shrimps and chopped spring onion in it-Rm5/(5 pieces) 
Wan tan - pork dumpling with traces of flounder fish-Rm2.50/ (5 pieces)

Total bill:Rm43/
Location: 18, GroundFloor, 
Jalan JururekaU1/40,
Seksyen U1, Glenmarie, Shah Alam.


Ms. Tindall said...

Love the name of that store!

Small Kucing said...

Aiyo!!!! wokay will be heading there tomorrow...hope he open on Monday.

foodbin said...

Ms. Tindall-yes, catchy name.
Small Kucing-they are closed on Sunday.