Monday, August 25, 2008


Monday evening, it was raining heavily in Petaling Jaya. the five of us suggested that we should go and try out the food at a new food court near Section 19 just opposite the Perodua showroom and service is known as PJ 19 Food Planet food court. they even have a covered car park and parking was free after 6p.m. in the day, free first hour parking. the place is huge, clean, spacious, airy and full of stalls selling different delicacies.

chicken teppanyaki:chicken was bland comes with sliced cucumber and fried beansprouts.rm6/

fried squid with angle beans: full of chillies sambal and the squid was fresh rm10/

claypot chicken rice:flavorful with chinese sausage and chopped spring onion rm6/

braised chicken with sausage and cabbage:chicken was well marinated and quite a portion rm6/

claypot loh see fun: less oil, chinese cabbage, fishball, minced pork and a raw egg, rm4.50/

steamed old cucumber with chicken soup:well boiled but a bit salty rm6/

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