Tuesday, August 19, 2008


July and August are the months that made a hole in my pocket! 3 birthdays in July (son, brother and nephew) and two on August 19 and 20( two daughters.) normally we go for seafood dinner but this year we opted for Korean food. this restaurant is located in Puchong Bandar Puteri besides Giant. it is on the first floor, a bit of a hassle for old people but the good food more than made up for it. the service was good, instead of table seating we tried the floor seating, very comfortable. the food was sweet, spicy and sourish, just perked up my taste buds. the charcoal fired BBQ contraption was smokeless, very well-designed with a vacuum or air suction pump, i think!

yang nyum-dak-gal-bi:lean skinless chicken fillets, marinted in special soya sauce-meat was tender rm27/

wang gal-bi: choice beef short ribs especially hand fillted and marinated in heavenly soya sauce-was juicy and tender rm55/

pork special-cut of pork, soft and tender and seasoned in sesame oil sauce rm 35/

side dish of lettuce spring onion tossed in special sauce goes well the beef

ten side dishes which are replenishable-big beansprouts, radish, kimchi, vegetables in peanut sauce, scrambled egg,...etc

lettuce-for wrapping the BBQ meat

free soup

dwen-jang-jjae-fish seafood, soft tofu and fresh vegetables in a rich traditional Korean miso broth served with rice. rm15/

janchi-gook-su-fresh vegetables and seafood with Korean noodles in hot soup rm16/

hot pot-haemool-guk-su-jeon-seafood, vegetables, Korean noodles and hearty soup. rm50/

all in the family! looked at all the empty plates

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