Thursday, August 28, 2008


Bah Kut Teh literally means pork rib soup. this dish originated from KLANG, SELANGOR. the soup is made up of herbs blended into different proportions, boiled with different cuts of pork, then cooked for a few hours. there are various types of soup:clear, light, dark and even starchy. my favourite is the Sang Kut Poh-fresh pork rib cooked to order, it takes about 40 minutes to cook. it's worthwhile waiting for, you can taste the juiciness of the meat and the superior soup is sweet and clear!
this particular stall served the Cantonese version : located in KLANG. from Petaling Jaya via the Federal Highway, on reaching the turning into Berkeley Garden, at the roundabout, turn at 3o'clock, the shop is on your right hand side. next to the Berkeley Corner 24 hour.

claypot bah kut teh for 2 pax:pork ribs and "small bone" cuts, came sizzling hot with button mushroom, tau pok, beancurd skin, yam and lettuce rm18/

steamed red snapper:we have the tail end, just some soya sauce, sliced fresh ginger and spring onion. the flesh was smooth and fresh rm45/

stirfried eggplant and long bean with dried shrimps, belacan and chillies-full of shrimp and prawn paste flavor: rm8/

chinese tea to dissolves off the fats and pork laden soup rm4/

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