Wednesday, August 13, 2008


the pasar tani is our version of farmer's market. it is sanctioned by the Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority( FAMA).which is a marketing agency established by the government to help farmers to sell their agricultural products.there are two locations in Petaling Jaya 1:Section 17/1a (thursday) 2.Kelana Jaya (saturday) by 6a.m there will be a big crowd gathering there to have the freshest and cheapest produce.there are about 50 stalls in Section 17 alone and they are placed on two sides of the road, making it easy for the customers to move about with their basket or trolley. remember the early bird catches the worm. you can get almost any types of farm's products here. cooked food is available too. by 2p.m. the traders will be packing up for home!

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