Sunday, June 28, 2009


Restoran Keong Kee is situated around the chaotic and busy Imbi area, just next door to Restaurant Yu Jia and opposite One Plus Shabu Shabu.
The chef is one of the brothers of the "Tai See Tow" clan, (under the big tree trunk) off Jalan Silang in Kuala Lumpur.
They were formerly "off shoots" from the famous, Restoran Soh Kee, also in Imbi Road.
Their signature dishes are fried noodles- Sang Har Meen (fresh river prawns mee Ngow Hor (beef noodle), steamed free range Chicken, stir fried vegetable of the day and steamed river fishes.
What i like about this place is it's cleanliness and even the sliced red chillies and Bird's eye chillies are washed and looks fresh!
Parking is ample along the road or at an open air car park opposite the restaurant.

Sang Har Meen-the cooked tender and succulent river Prawn with it's creamy egg gravy and a few stalks of Choy Sam were poured over a plate of fried thin crispy yellow Noodle. Mix it thoroughly to savor all of it's goodness!

Steamed free range Chicken with knotted golden Lily Buds, black Fungus, Soy sauce, Oyster sauce and a few dash of Chinese wine was a delightful dish and the essence from the tender and meaty chicken was perfect with rice.

Stir fried Romaine Lettuce with garlic-to complement the other dishes.

Total bill:Rm75/


FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

hmm... the shang har meen looks delicious... especially the prawn.... yum! yum!

SimpleGirl said...

super nice and fresh prawns.......I shall put this restaurant in my must eat KL food list....thanks for sharing!

Selba said...

I don't think that I'm familiar with Sang Har Meen dish, but it does look so good :)

CUMI & CIKI said...

looks delicious!

foodbin said...

FParadise-it was!
SGirl-you must!
Selba-it is basically stir fry river prawn with rice vermicelli and flat noodle.

worldwindows said...

Sang Har noodles wat tan style - my current favourite.

The Travelling Foodie said...

The Sang Har Meen looks tempting. Must try it some day.

foodbin said...

WWindows-a bit on the high cholesterol side.
TTFoodie-go for it!

Sugar Bean said...

Wow, can see from the photo that the prawns are really large and fresh. The noodles should taste really good. :)

Adelyn said...
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