Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Saturday lunch with my buddies, we went to Restoran Nasi Ayam Kam Kee in Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur. It is located a few doors away from Hotel Swiss Inn.
Restoran Nasi Ayam Kam Kee was one of the participants of the Best Chicken Rice in Malaysia, contest.
Their specialty are Chicken (Farm and Free Range) rice, Beef Brisket soup and blanched Beansprout.

The difference between Farm and Free range Chicken:
1. Farm Chicken or Broiler are reared (caged) on an unrestricted high protein feed diet for 45 days with a market weight of 2.5 kg.

2. Free range Chicken are left to roam with Corn as an extra supplement and reared for 90-100 days until a market weight of 3 kg and above.

Located on the right-a few doors away from Swiss Inn.

Business was brisk with eat-in and takeaway.

Boiled Farm chicken-meat was bland, soft and tender-have to dip with garlic, chillies sauce for extra flavors-Rm10/

Boiled Free range chicken-we ordered two plates-meat was firm, muscled, fragrant with a Yellow layered skin-best eaten on it's own or with blended Ginger/dark Soy sauce- Rm14/

Beef brisket with White Radish soup-meat was coarse-soft Radish and the soup was mediocre-Rm8/

Blanched Beansprout-fat, fresh and crunchy-Rm5/.

Oil rice-was surprised that the broken rice was fluffy and flavorful- Rm1/

Total bill:Rm54/
Location: Jalan Sultan off Petaling Street,
Kuala Lumpur,


Little Inbox said...

Is it near the Petaling Street there?

New Kid on the Blog said...

Damage is RM54/? Split among how many of you all??

Selba said...

The cage chicken is named "Broiler"? Here in Indonesia, we called it "Boiler" hehehe...

SimpleGirl said...

must try if i am at that area...thanks for recommending

foodbin said...

Linbox-yes,parallel to Petaling Street.
NKOTB-Rm18 each.
Selba-maybe that's the Indonesia slang.
Sgirl-go for the free range chicken.

CUMI & CIKI said...

rice is v important!If the rice fail.. the whole chicken rice experience .. fails!

mimid3vils said...

agree with c&c, the rice is important, i like fragrant rice~~

Duckie said...

the chicken looks good. i love when the chicken meat is soft and tender.

foodbin said...

C&amp:Ciki/mimid3vils-totally agreed-rice is important.
Duckie-it's up to individual preference.

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

hmm... i loves tender chicken.

The Travelling Foodie said...

The chicken and rice looks good. Are the beansprouts (Nga Choy) local or brought over from Ipoh? Folks claim that the best nga choy comes from Ipoh.

foodbin said...

Fparadise-yes it was tender!
TTFoodies-not too sure about the origin of the beansprout.

worldwindows said...

Pass by this place 2-3 times a week. Will drop in and try.

parkovisko vysehradska said...

I like this restaurant very much. Here you can see guys in the action. 3:49 min rice with eggs and vegetable
and 6:39 min
noodles with shrimps