Thursday, June 18, 2009


Kampar a former tin mining town in Perak is famous for CB Chicken biscuit (cookies), Roti Ayam (Chicken Curry in a Bread) and recently a new university-Utar.
During the recent holidays, we went to Restoran Yau Kee (Roti Ayam) for dinner with my relatives after a scrumptious afternoon lunch in Tanjung Tualang.
In the night, the exterior of the restaurant looks small but it's interior was spacious and air conditioned.
Service was fast and prompt.
Their signature dish of Roti Ayam was ordered by most diners in the restaurant.

Side view of the restaurant in the night.

Roti Ayam-Min Pau Kai (Chicken curry in a Bread)-the cooked Curry Chicken are wrapped in a few layers of waxed baking paper, covered with dough then oven baked -the Curry Chicken was salty but full of Rempah and Curry leaves flavor-the bread was soft, sweet, pillowy and perfect to dip with the Curry Chicken-I'd prefer the Restaurant Hua Xing's version-Rm25/.

Claypot Yam (Taro) and Duck Mee-came piping hot-the Sang Mee (thin Yellow noodle) was covered with thick, creamy and salty flavorful brown gravy while the cubed Yam and bite sized Duck meat complemented it very well-Rm18/.

Salt baked Chicken-Portion was too small as it was a "Kampung" Chicken nevertheless the meat was firm, muscled and fragrant-Rm20/

Wong Tai Mee (Emperor Mee)-Fried with strips of Mushroom, Prawn and Pork -flavored with Oyster sauce, light and dark Soy sauce, Sesame oil and garnished with chopped Lettuce-the Mee was tasty and springy- Rm15/

Baby Romaine Lettuce-stir fried with Foo Yee (Preserved Beancurd)-was overcooked and soggy-a big letdown-Rm12/

Total bill:rm110/.
Location:55 &57, Jalan Idris,
Kampar, Perak.


email2me said...

I just had the bread chicken in vegetarian style. Will have the post up soon.

My Taste Heaven said...

recently heard a lot of good food in Kampar. Would definitely make a detour to Kampar to try this Roti Ayam next time when I go to KL.

mimid3vils said...

The bread is definitely go well with the curry~~

FOODnTRAVELla said...

Emm...the curry chicken looks delicious!

EatTravelEat said...

Curry cooked inside bread with layers of wax paper to separate it? Wow! Never have seen that ever before. Such a nice match with the bread and curry. I now need to find a place that does that or make it myself :).

foodbin said...

email2me-would like to see it.
MTHeaven-you should!
mimid3vils/FOODnTRAVELa-it is yummy.
ETEat-since you are good at making bread you just some curry chicken.

email2me said...

The post is up on my headline.

worldwindows said...

I need to visit Kampar soon!

sakaigirl said...

I've tried Min Pau Kai before, it's really a big portion for us, 5 person! Coz we didn't know how to agak, plus we ordered side dishes as well. Really nice and FULL