Thursday, June 4, 2009


Nyonya Restoran opened in 1974, was owned by our family friend, Auntie Rose and because of family commitments she sold off the thriving authentic Nyonya food business.
Nyonya Restoran have changed owners a number of times but surprisingly they still maintained the consistency of it's food.

They even has a new tag line "Yesterday's taste, Today"

The decor is now more modern with comfortable cheap Beige colored leather chairs, wall mounted and framed prints of major landmarks of Malacca city and a floor to ceiling glass panel front offering view of a bustling traffic choked SS2 street.

Besides Nyonya dishes they also served Nyonya sweet delicacies like Yam cakes, Onde Onde, Kueh Koci,Kueh Pisang, Angkoo Kueh, Kueh Talam.....etc.

Front of the restaurant.

Sambal Petai-big and crunchy Petai (Twisted Cluster Beans) was pungent and slightly bitter-fresh devein juicy Prawns, sliced big Onion but the Sambal chillies was hot, fiery and numbling -Rm15.50.

Ayam Pongteh with Potatoes-it was ready cooked-meat was soft and tender-very flavorful gravy of blended Shallots, sweet Bean paste, Garlic with the intense aroma of Cinnamon-Rm14/

Ikan Gulai Tumis-the 4 small block of White Snapper was fresh-served with Okra, Pineapple slices and garnished with Daun Kesom (Laksa leaves)- with a addictive piquant, sweet and sourish Tamarind broth-Rm25/

Sayur Paku-the dried Shrimps was freshly pounded and the young and tender shoots of the wild Fern was stir fried with Chillies and Coconut milk-a refreshing dish-Rm12/

Mengkuang Char-the sweet Turnip, strips of toasted Cuttlefish, sliced French Bean,Carrot was freshly fried-sitting on a bed of fresh Lettuce-a world of different from others-Rm12/

Kueh Onde Onde-filled with sweet and coarse Palm sugar and coated with grated fresh Coconut-for sweet tooth eaters-Rm1.20/

Cendol-finely shaved ice with Red Bean and Pandan flavored Green starch Noodle and fresh Coconut milk-fragrant and Best !-Rm3.50.

Ice Kacang-Grass Jelly , shaved Ice, Red Beans, evaporated Milk-nothing to shout about-Rm3.50/

(This is for Z (Happy Birthday) and family)

Total bill:Rm110/.
Location:52, Jalan SS2/24,
Petaling Jaya,



SimpleGirl said...

i love ayam pongteh...reminds of the one i ate at a restaurant in nice!!!!

CUMI & CIKI said...

sambal that hot and numbing, i like!

Z said...

Thanks Foodbin buddy! I'm forty plus, and then some (nice way to put it). Always a great journey with you, food-wise. Keep it up. Looking forward to your 300th blog. Regards to the Wan and only One (oops..the other way round).


Selba said...

Yummm... kue onde, cendol, petai... similiar to Indonesian dishes :)

sakaigirl said...

i would like to try out the ayam ponteh^^ i watched the little nyonya and got to knw babi ponteh..we dun hv this in sarawak..

Amy said...

They look exactly like my mom's cooking. Yummy!!

Sugar Bean said...

We're not too familiar with nyonya food but we definitely love nyonya desserts, especially ice-kacang and cendol, love gula melaka a lot!

A good nyonya restaurant in SS2, gotta keep that in mind. :)

foodbin said...

SGirl/Sakaigirl-actually pongteh babi is tastier than pongteh chicken.
C&CIKI-you can have some.
Z-happy birthday.
Selba-some influences-Sumatra is just a ferry ride away.
AMY-the dishes are all cooked home style.
Sbean-you will love it!

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

I like the paku.

550ml jar of faith said...

How many did the meal serve? The portions look quite humble for those prices! I actually drove by here this past weekend with my parents and asked if they'd wanted this, but settled for Vietnamnese at Uptown instead!

mimid3vils said...

I can finish my bowl of rice with only sambal petai~~