Sunday, June 7, 2009


Zong Meng Restaurant is located in Tapah, Perak, a quiet town between Bidor and Kampar. The site of the restaurant was formerly a petrol station, now converted into an open eatery with overhead ceiling fans (can be very hot in the afternoon) for comfort and vehicles viewing while waiting to be serve .
The owner cum cook, Meng has many years of culinary experiences and worked with chefs from Hong Kong at Chinese restaurants in Holland and Belgium.
While overseas, he was more into fusion Chinese cuisine, the influences are evident in some of his dishes.
It was fun to see him flipped and cooked with his pan/wok and the way he controlled the many gas knobs with his knees was awesome!!!
He is a staunch believer in using fresh ingredients and do not compromise on quality.
He recommended us some of his signature dishes.

Deep fried Haruan (Snakehead)-with a dash of light Soy sauce and Chinese wine-was small but fresh and crispy-Rm21/

Koong Por Mantis Prawn-lightly battered - with sauteed Onion, Spring Onion and dried Red Chillies-firm with roe running along the back of the shelled Mantis Prawn-Rm10/

Stir fried sweet Potatoes leaves-home grown, plump, leafy and smooth-Rm5/

Stir fried sliced Haruan fish (Snakehead) with sauteed onion, spring onion-meat was springy, fresh and tender-Rm11/

Deep fried Fish head soup with Salted Chinese Mustard, sliced Bittergourd, Tomatoes and sour Plum -clear, robust and tangy soup-Rm7/.

Location:411-D, Jalan Timur, (riverside after Tapah town bridge)
Tapah, Perak.



SimpleGirl said...

the salted veg with fish soup should be lovely...and only can get this kind of price in small town ya.....

Little Inbox said...

You have 3 fish dishes out of total 5, haha...

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

I agree with SimpleGirl, the soups must be delicious. ^-^

foodbin said...

SGirl/FParadise-yes the soup was delicious.
LInbox-because the wild Haruan are quite a rare delicacy.

CUMI & CIKI said...

i like the way that fried fish is suspended in motion!

Bangsar-bAbE said...

The stir-fried Haruan fish looks good and cheap too!

thenomadGourmand said...

I wan tht Koong Por Mantis Prawn!! normally, they fried the poor creatures til no meat!
i like them better sweet n "juicy".
Wahh prices are amazing..but then this is ipoh loh..I'm frm Pg but sometimes I do find Ipoh food more "unpretentious" if there is such a thing..

Steven Goh said...

The deep fried Haruan look crunchy and delicious. I want to eat that now.

foodbin said...

Cumi&ampCiki/Bbabe/SGoh-it's the way they dissect the Haruan at the belly and when deep fried, the meat contract- that's how it got a distorted look -cheap and delicious to the bones.
tngourmand-the food and price are very reasonable e.g Soon Hock Fish only-RM80/kg

EatTravelEat said...

Both Haruan fish preparations look fantastic and delicious! Haven't had it before.

I agree, the sweet potato leaves are very good. They look good too! Very pricey in our supermarket compared to other veggies like bok choy.

Anonymous said...

It was so coincidence today we came to cameron highland and been a long time didn't eat at this restaurant.We were afraid that the restaurant had moved to some where.Luckily the restaurant still operated by the elder brother and was opened opposite the previous one.I think you can't get such a delicious eel in kuala lumpur anymore.The taste was delicious and the meat just nice and tender, not too soft.rm18 one medium plate, we ordered two different types of taste, garlic fried and dried chillie kung pou.The frog also freshly steamed with the price of rm22, and one plate of fresh choi sum.3 of us and one kid cost us rm70 for this delicious meal.Highly recommend .