Saturday, June 20, 2009


A series of home cooked dinner by my wife.

De-boned Ikan Tenggiri (Spanish Mackerel) stuffed with Fish paste- Ala "Beggar Fish" style-Fish paste was fresh, firm, springy.

Steamed Bean Curd-was soft and silky smooth-garnished with chopped Spring Onion and deep fried Shallots -melt in the mouth.

Chinese Mustard Green cooked with leftover poultry, meat, dried chillies and slices of Tamarind -sweet, sourish and tangy flavors.


SimpleGirl said...

the more i see ur wife's cooking...the more i feel that's how she wins your heart..haha...even my heart has been stolen by her nice dishes....!!!

CUMI & CIKI said...

waaa.. ur wife is the best man! she even knows how 2make that boneless fish dish.. talk about tender loving care. Lucky u!

foodbin said...

SGirl-yes,it's true.
CUMI&ciki-i am very lucky, indeed.

Duckie said...

wow when are we invited for a meal??

foodbin said...

Duckies-you are welcome.

Sweet Jasmine said...

I like the way yr wife stuff the deboned fish with fish paste. Will try it out next time as my boys hate fish with bones on them.