Monday, February 1, 2010

Kam Kee Seafood Restaurant.

Kam Kee Seafood Restaurant is always one of the earliest restaurant in Petaling Jaya to serve Yee Sang (raw fish salad) without fail every year i.e. one month before the Chinese New Festival.

Prices for this delicacy have remained the same as last year.

We are their regular diners and tonight dinner occasion coincided with my son Mike's photo shoot for his CNY food theme project.

The food served are delicious and prices are reasonable.

Parking is ample-an open area- opposite the restaurant.

Yee sang (raw fish salad) (1/2 portion)-thinly sliced Haruan fish, toasted peanut, plum sauce, sesame seed, crackling dough cracker, peanut oil, shredded white radish, carrot, spring onion, pickled red ginger, pickled onion bulb, cilantro, 5 spices powder, pepper powder, Pomelo fruit-Rm23/

When all the ingredients are in place-time for everyone to toss and mix it up evenly with a pair chopsticks and shouting out all their wishes for a prosperous CNY-it was a delightful appetizer and filled with "rainbow" types of colors, taste and textures.

Steamed Frogs with blended ginger-a bit salty and the farmed frog meat was meaty but not as smooth and tender as those wild frog ones.

Stir fried Lai Pak vegetables-was leafy and crunchy.

Tofu-house made-deep fried and then topped with their smooth secret sauce (scallop flavored) diced carrot, green pea, mushroom, strands of fine Fatt choy (black sea moss) and bits of braised dried scallop-perfect with rice.

Herbal Chicken (1/2)-very tender and meaty and the juices with herbs like Yok Chut, Kei Chee and red dates was flavorful and Mindy slurps it up like nobody business.

The lady boss was very enterprising-with free sampling of various types of CNY cookies for every table-I bought one container of the above dough cracker with sesame seeds for Rm16/

Total bill:Rm125/
Location: 9 & 10, Jalan 5/44,
off Jalan Gasing,
Petaling Garden. Petaling Jaya.


SimpleGirl said...

so early have lou sang already....will be tasting mine soon!!!

smallkucing said...

Eh The Yee sang very cheap leh at RM23. Yesterday we had at Kwai Lam it was RM28 for half portion.

I didnt know can order half aherbal chicken coz most shop we went to doesnt have that.

We'll go and try out this shop one of these day.

Thank you very much for the information :D

boo_licious said...

Lou Sang Lou Sang! I've not had it yet this year even though I've eaten 3 times lap mei fan.

uLi.佑莉 said...

I love Yee Sang and the one in your post only cost RM23, consider cheap le...

thenomadGourmand said...

wahh...the herbal chic looks reallllyyy good lehh...better than wht i drove all the way to Ijok for!

smallkucing said...

eh..the ijok herbal chicken standard not consistant one. sometimes good sometimes not nice

Sin Tai Lim said...

Let Lou Sang and let the Year of the Tiger be garang. Thanks for the info.

foodbin said...

SGirl-Hi! long time never hear from you.
smallkucing-I like the fried noodles at Kwai Lam.
boo_licious-i missed the lap mei fun at Tasty Tasty.
uLi-maybe because of it's location and to keep their customers satisfied.
thenomadGourmand-your post on Ijok was a "beggar" kampung chicken-isn't it?
STLim-you're welcome.

Stephanie said...

Steamed froggies he he... delicious :-D

thule a.k.a leo said...

wild frogs are rare these days... luckily I still manage to get supply since I live in a very small town (near kampung area).

foodbin said...

Stephanie-have you try the wild frogs?
thule a.k.a leo-the taste of wild frogs meat is simply delicious.

Stephanie said...

foodbin, anything wild is delicious :-D But nope I have not tried wild frog before.