Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Heong Moon Seafood Restaurant.

It was drizzling on a Saturday evening, my brother Meng invited us to try out this restaurant near his house.

Heong Moon Seafood Restaurant is located near the junction of the ongoing road widening Subang New Village/Shah Alam road.

The village house converted into a restaurant is partly air conditioned and clean.

Parking is OK.

Hoong Siew Yee Thau-the whole fish head was lightly batter-deep fried until crispy-topped with a gravy full of baby corn, onion, black fungus, chillies, tofu, carrot, straw mushroom-Rm39/

Steamed Village Chicken-meat were muscled and fragrant- red kei chi (wolfberries) plus the natural juices from the chicken was a bit salty- Rm19/

Clay pot Seafood-came piping hot and filled with fish maw, mushroom, sea asparagus, limpets, crabstick, blanched broccoli and sliced fish-flavorsome gravy, goes well with rice-Rm35/

,Butter Crabs-mud crabmeat was very fresh, fine and juicy but the gravy were too diluted-Rm35/

Shell-shaped buns to lap up the fragrant butter gravy-Rm6/

Stir fried Siew Pak Choy-crunchy and juicy-Rm15/

Total bill:Rm180/
Location: N0: 6S-A+B, Lot 4030,
Jalan Satu D,
Kampung Baru Subang, Shah Alam,


Mindy said...

the shell bun looks cute

foodbin said...

Mindy-will treat you there for dinner.

Wendy said...

yummmm. I would love to dive into that claypot dish. The steamed buns look good too. My parents make a lot of these. Leftovers are often dipped in egg and fried into French toast the next day.