Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sun Ming Restaurant@ Taman Connaught.

For our Sunday lunch we went to Sun Ming Restaurant @Taman Connaught, Cheras a place famous for their roast duck.

It is two shop lots with the roast duck/pork display and chopping area on one side with seating inside and at the front of the shop.

It was only 11.30 am and at the front of the shop was a long queue for takeaway.

We managed to share a table with a couple.

Parking is OK.

Roast Duck(1/4 portion)-well marinated with a crispy skin, meaty but a bit tough, juicy with a distinct flavor served with freshly sliced cucumber and natural juices of the duck.

Roast pork of three layer pork belly-with a crackling skin and roast pig's intestine-flavorsome but a bit dry to my liking.

Yong Tau Foo-a great combination of fish paste/minced pork/salted fish stuffed into red chillies, brinjal and bittergourd-deep fried and then braised to serve-typical Hakka's style -tasty and good !

Total bill:Rm46/
Location:137, Jalan Sarjana,
Taman Connaught,
Kuala Lumpur.


ai wei said...

oh, i love their roast duck, char siew n siew york. whenever mum din cook, i wil be here to dabao for lunch

Stephanie said...

gosh I am hungry now!!
everything looks super delicious here!!!

smallkucing said...

cheap and looks good

thule a.k.a leo said...

their roast duck is one of the best that I've ever tasted. I only dislike the huge crowd everytime I went there... making me sweat

thenomadGourmand said...

One time i went, there was someone "BBq-ing " ba kua outside!
Wanted to buy but it was sold out. All pre-ordered.
I like the duck here too, better thn PJ's ones whc are more expensive.
Same like u, i would hv preferred more tender meat

CK Lam said...

Indeed nice to have the roast pig intestine. It is not easy finding this siew cheong in penang.

foodbin said...

ai wei-yes, a lot of takeaway.
Stephanie/smallkucing-delicious, indeed!
thule a.k.a leo-go early.
thenamadGourmand-ba kua? was it during the new year?
CK Lam-very rare-because it's too tedious to make.