Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Char Chai Tau Kueh @ Food Republic.

Tea time at Food Republic @ Pavilion..

Spied a stall selling Penang food.

Ordered a dish of Char Chai Tau Kueh aka fried carrot/rice cake-one of Penang Island's top street food.

The fried carrot/rice cake was covered with a huge layer of egg omelette and garnished with chopped spring onion with a plate of red chillies sauce for dip. .

For such a big serving and only for Rm7/-was worth the money.

The carrot/rice cake was coarsely cut-well fried with light/dark soy sauce until fragrant with chai poh and beansprout-the egg omelette added a smooth texture to it-dip it into the red chillies for extra kick.

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