Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jiu Hu Char @ Home Cooked.

Jiu Hu Char is one of my family's 'must have' festival food.

This home cooked version-main ingredients are julienne carrot, celery, Shiitake mushroom, shredded yam bean (lots of it), shredded cuttlefish, prawn and strips of pork belly.

It will even taste better and sweeter if re-heated the next day.

It goes well with plain white rice or eaten plain.

But I like to eat it as a wrap i.e. fill up a fresh ice cool lettuce leaf with the Jui Hu Char and spread some sambal belacan (chillies shrimp paste) over it then fold it up and pop into my mouth-moist and delightful sweet-heavenly !.


Anonymous said...

Luv jiu hoo char o like it with more shredded cuttlefish and with tiz dish and its gravy i can easily finiz 2 bowls of rice

foodbin said...

Anon 11:59-too much cuttlefish will overpower the taste.

Hannah Ng said...

boss, i think u mean yam bean, bukan yam :)

foodbin said...

Hannah Ng-corrected