Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sam U Clay Pot Restaurant.

The missus was lazy to cook after a long shopping spree at the Gardens Mall.

The sweet and sour fish at Sam U Clay Pot Restaurant in Petaling Jaya New Town Center came to mind-it was a clear favorite the last time we ate there.

In the evening, parking was easy.

From where we were seated - the famous Teo Chew braised duck stall next door was filled to the brim while the satay man was busy fanning his grill skewered meats.

After a ten minutes wait our food was served - in a well co-ordinated way-one after another.

The portions were just right and was 'restaurant's standard' cooked.

Assam Seafood served on a casserole with red tomato, okra, and thickly sliced Garouper fish, squid and shrimps-very appetizing-sourish and not too spicy-Rm18/
Chicken Gizzards-poached sliced  chicken stomach, liver and the heart seated on a bed of crunchy blanched beansprouts and good grade soy sauce-mom's favorite-Rm3/
Sweet and Sour Fish-deep fried thickly sliced Garouper fish fillet  doused with a gravy filled with cubed cucumber/red and green capsicum/onion-Rm22.
House made Tofu-crispy with good textures and flavorsome with every bite-Rm9/
Fried brown rice + seafood like crab stick/shrimps and topped with deep fried crispy mini Anchovies/chopped spring onion-very healthy- Rm8/

Total bill:Rm64/
Location: 12, Jalan Tengah,
New Town, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7956-2262.


boo_licious said...

Looks good. Are they related to the Sam You restaurant?

foodbin said...

boo_licious-the chef is a former partner of Sam You Restaurant.