Sunday, August 16, 2009


Saturday lunch time with my buddies, we went to "pig-out"at Hee Lai Ton Restaurant (Puchong Sdn Bhd) in Bandar Puchong Jaya(opposite IOI Mall), Puchong.

Bandar Puchong Jaya's busy commercial area is full of eating places from mobile steamboat vans in the evening to simple coffee shops or designer restaurants.

Hee Lai Ton is having a "Eat all you can" promotion for Rm23.80 tt excluding rice and tit bits.

The five of us were filled up to the rim after the marathon feast from 12 pm-2.30 pm-very bad for health but once in a while it was a luxury!

A grandeur place to dine.

A bowl of Sharkfin soup for each of us-the broth was tasty but there was not much Sharkfin.

Soy sauce sea Prawns-don't be fool-the smaller ones are at the bottom but nevertheless it was tender and succulent.

Roast Duck (Thigh)-ordered 2 plates -very crispy skin, meaty and juicy with a distinct flavor-best!

Claypot Pork ribs-well braised, firm and meaty with melt in the mouth soft Beancurd sheets.

Steamed Grass Carp belly with blended Ginger garnished with slivers of carrots and Coriander leaves-smooth, fine textured and very fresh.

Steamed Boiler Chicken with black Fungus and knotted Golden Lily buds-meat was tender and meaty- the juicy essence was a delight to slurp.

Fried Tung Hoon (Glass noodle) with 2 small sized Crabs and pungent aromatic Parsley-the Crab meat shrunk and the noodle were way too salty.

Mixed assorted vegetables-young baby Corn, sliced Lotus root, Celery, Asparagus and Onion-refreshing and delicate flavor to balance off all the meat.

Deep fried Squid with salted Egg-lightly battered, very flavorful from the Curry leaves and salted Egg.

Fried Sang Mee (Egg noodle) with Squid, Pork, earthy Button Mushroom and crunchy Beansprout-a good combination.

Fruits (Papaya/ Honeydew) and sweet dessert (Sea coconut/Lychee) to end a wholesome meal.

Total bill:RM144/
Location:21, 22 & 23, Jalan Kenari 1,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
Batu 8, Jln Puchong,


My Taste Heaven said...

The roast duck looks so yummy to me. I love to have roast duck all the time :)

Little Inbox said...

Sure they will have to limit the shark fin, otherwise pok kai, hehe...

vialentino said...

wow...nice foodie blog here....the hee lai ton food also not bad ler...nearby my area....

btw clicked on ur g ads....c yeah

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

ah... so many foods. Worth for value.

PureGlutton said...

Good value for money eh? How extensive is their selection for this promo?

foodbin said...

MTHeaven-it was the best.
LInbox-yeah, sharkfin/crabs/prawns-one sreving only.
Vialentino-welcome back!
FParadise-esp. for those who can eat.
PGluttons-about 60+ dishes to choose.

SimpleGirl said...

wow, worth it!!! eat all U can...

worldwindows said...

This is quite a decent restaurant. I will go for the roast duck!

The Travelling Foodie said...

Wow! The food looks really good and for the total bill of RM144/- is really very worth it.

foodbin said...

SGirl-yes it was worth it.
TTFoodies-their main restaurant in Seri Kembangan is even better.

thenomadGourmand said...


Thts so cheap for a pax of RM28.80~
Wih over 60 selections somemore!
Must get a group to go with me!


Hee Lai Ton Restaurant said...

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