Saturday, November 14, 2009


Ambarella-Buah Kedondong (Spondial dulcis) is an edible fruit with a fibrous pit.
The fruit is sourish with a crunchy flesh.
It can be eaten raw or juiced.

I love eating it with a good grade shrimp or prawn paste, with red/green bird's eye chillies, light and dark Soy sauce
and toasted grounded peanut added to it-it is a great appetizer and very mouthwatering!.

Slice off the skin with a slicer.

Cut it into unevenly sizes.

This gooey sauce is a mixture of "killer" shrimp or prawn paste with sugar, dark and light Soy sauce, bird's eye chilies and grounded toasted peanut.


My Taste Heaven said...

i prefer ambarella drink than eating it like this =]

foodbin said...

My Taste Heaven-with asam boi? best!

Lori Lynn said...

Now that sauce speaks to me, loudly!

foodbin said...

Lori Lynn-it is a great sauce.

Alice said...

That's an interesting looking fruit & sauce! Is it sweet, or savoury? There is something similar (sweet and spicy shrimp paste) in Thailand eaten with guava.

3 hungry tummies said...

Oh I use similar sauce for all types of tard fruit too!!