Saturday, March 14, 2009

200rd BLOG POST.


Logo made from 3 stalks of Spring Onion- a very versatile green.

Times flies so fast, today, Foodbin is eight months old and this is my 200rd blog post. I never thought that I could make it this far, compare to the many others earlier, younger, energetic, more creative and friendly foodies. I must admit that I'd get lots of influence, inspiration and enjoyment from reading their blogs. (both International and Local food blogs). Going into their sites for new ideas, their different styles of cooking, the various kind of food, pastries, herbs, spices and the most important of them all-exchanging of ideas and making comments.

This is a quote
from Zagat :"Outtakes of the Week" which I remembered very well i.e :-"I don't wanna go to Heaven, if they don't have Chicken Pie."-which literally meant that food played a major role in our daily lives, wherever we are.

I am a good example-Three years ago I underwent a major life threatening surgery. After the successful operation, I went into semi-depression, lost my appetite and my weight plummeted to an all time low of 68 kg.
I must admit that I am quite a fussy guy when food is concern. Luckily I have a very patient, caring, understanding and loving wife who nursed me back to health with her tasty, delicious, healthy food and soup.

"Blogging on food is a big motivational boost for me"



J2Kfm said...

a toast to many more hundreds to come!!! :)

keep it up, foodbin.

foodbin said...


CK Lam said...

Big cheers to you for coming this far...and I hope to see more along the way.

HoustonWok said...

Hi Foodbin,
Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and HAPPY 200TH BlOG!

Precious Pea said...

Happy 200th blog post and many many many more to come!

Food Paradise said...

keep up the good jobs..... and hope to see more of your blog post. ^o^

foodbin said...

I am appreciative of all your kind comments-TQ.

Z said...

200! What a milestone indeed. Congratulations buddy and I look forward to many more....which means I have to keep up with your culinary journey.