Sunday, March 22, 2009


Tonight, the heavy rain and cold weather was a good excuse for me to indulge in a steamboat dinner at Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant in the Sg Kayu Ara area (A stone throwaway from the famous Pantai Seafood Restaurant). This restaurant is like a mini nature resort with open dining area, some thatched roofed gazebo, glass aquarium filled with live fishes and crustaceans, a small fish pond, tortoise, bird and chicken too. Their tag line proudly stated that they are "The first of it's kind steamboat restaurant" and all the food served are healthylicious-there was no doubt about it. We ordered the Rm119/set and selected a clear chicken soup for our steamboat plus 10 sticks of chicken satay for appetizer. The service was good with attentive waiters and waitresses. Our pot of Chinese Tea was well refilled and the empty dishes were cleared every now and then. Parking is ample along the road.

Part of the dining area.

Satay for appetizer-chicken meat was well marinated and tender-rm8/

We started of the meal with a step by step savoring of the live seafood -Step 1. Live Prawns and Giant Clams 2. Fresh Red Snapper Fish 3. Flower Crabs 4. Mussels and Sliced Abalone-ate the cooked seafood on it's own to savor the natural sweetness- the clear chicken soup cooked with all the fresh seafood became a sweet, natural nourishing tasty "rainbow" flavored broth-so lush!

We climaxed with the prepared ingredients like Fish ball. Tow Pok, Vegetable ball, Fuzhou fish ball, Fish noodle, Meat dumpling, Fried Bean curd Sheets, Chinese Long cabbage, Crab stick, Quail egg, Chicken egg and Egg noodle......etc-dipped the cooked food with the fiery hot Sambal chillies and sweet bean sauce-tantalizing! danced on our palate oh! a really satisfying meal.

It is really worth the money when the seafood is so prime and fresh!

Total bill:Rm145/
Location:1067, Jalan Jenjarum,
Kampung Sg Kayu Ara,
off Jalan SS23/10, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 7803-1832.


Penang Tua Pui said...

mussel... i love it... come come... give me some.. can u? :P

foodbin said...

it was really fresh

SimpleGirl said...

steamboact set with fresh seafood...really quite value for money...not to mentioned...eating steambaot on a rainny nice!!!

Duckie said...

not bad ler ... so much of seafood and price is reasonable

Bangsar-bAbE said...

With so much seafood, the broth must have been sublime! Slurpsss... =)

foodbin said...

it was bursting with flavors

worldwindows said...

Besides the food its the wide open space. Nice for the the slow .... steamboat.

ling239 said...

so this is the one owns by Patrick Teoh's kids, right ? :p

Food Paradise said...

wow... good choice steamboat in rainy seasons ane all the food looks fresh.

foodbin said...

with the right ambiance too.
ling239-yes, with poster of him on the wall