Sunday, March 15, 2009


The bad times are here, eating out is so expensive-e.g. For a Breakfast meal: A bowl of Noodle cost at least Rm3.50/ and a cup of Milo 'O' cost Rm1.50/. Did you know that we can save some money by making our own? My wife managed to make a Breakfast meal of Chicken Frankfurter Bun for less than a Ringgit each. It is simple and everyone can make it!

Chopped big onion-rm0.10.

Chopped fresh lettuce-rm0.10.

Pan fried Chicken Frankfurter with butter-rm0.35/each

Pan toasted Bun with a little butter-RM0.30/each-bought from our regular Roti man (Bread man).

Sandwiched the Chicken Frankfurter between the Toasted Bun with the chopped onion, lettuce and a spread of Del Monte Ketchup-you get a cheap and wholesome meal!


Bangsar-bAbE said...

Wah...sai um sai ah?

RM0.85 for one hotdog set? =P

Food Paradise said...

wow..... long time did not have this kind of hot dog in bun. Should go and make one for lunch soon. And some more it's cheap ah..... ^o^

foodbin said...

yes, it is simple,easy and love by everyone in the family.