Monday, March 2, 2009


Tonight dinner was a "bonus" gathering for the family, it is hard to have every one to eat together because of work commitments. Today, Mindy flew back from Saigon in the afternoon, Michelle was off and Mike finished his reviewer's work early. We met up at Sushi Zanmai at 1 Utama for dinner.
Sushi Zanmai is a Japanese restaurant with the usual conveyor filled with freshly made sushi snaking around part of the restaurant.
It was quite a sight to watch the various type of Sushi going round and round. Their menu is varied and they claimed, their food to be authentically Japanese with original recipes and they used genuine ingredients. I really like their good food presentation, very visually pleasing, and I could feel that it was made with a lot of patience, effort and skills. Most of their Sushi ingredients like Tuna, Salmon and Prawn are generously sized and fully covered the vinegared rice, unlike others!
We ordered a few dishes from the menu, some Sushi from the conveyor and had hot Green Tea for drinks. Overall, it was a happy and hearty meal for the six of us.

View from the outside looking in.

Salmon Sashimi (5 pieces) on offer at rm8.80/-ordered two sets-was fresh, smooth and thick unlike Sakae's.

Left-Right-Sushi-1.Tuna Salad-rm2.80/ 2.Ebi (prawn)-rm3.80/ 3.Tamago-rm4.80/-generously sized-can you see the vinegared rice?-

Caterpillar Roll-rice rolled with toasted Unagi, Tamago and topped with avocado and black sesame seeds-dipped with the sweet sauce and mayonnaise on the plate-rm12.80/.

Stamina Roll-rice rolled with Tamago and topped with Toasted Unagi and white sesame seeds-fleshy and sweet with a smokey flavor-dipped into the sauce on the plate for more flavor-rm12.80/.

Gyu Enoki Roll-Enoki Mushroom rolled with a piece of well marinated beef and garnished with sweet soy sauce-delicious with an earthy flavor-rm10.80/.

Oyako Don -White, fat and round Calrose rice was whole grain and filled with eggs, onions and chunks of chicken meat- garnished with Nori, spring onion and a red pickle which was salty and crunchy, really whet up the appetite-rm8.80/.

Sukiyaki-opted for the chicken meat instead of beef-came in a casserole, fired by a portable gas cooker filled with Miso soup, Chinese Long Cabbage, white Tou fo, Shiitake mushroom, lettuce, carrot plus a fresh egg and a plate of fresh marinated sliced chicken meat to be cook with the soup-rm15.80/

Yakiniku Don-Lovlely Calrose rice with thinly sliced and well marinated beef stir fried with onion and garnished with salty and crunchy red pickle-rm10.80/

Zaru Soba-the cold Buckwheat noodle dipped into the Miso soup (lots of Vit B12) with the grounded White Radish was outstanding-rm6.80/

Total bill:rm135/
Location:SK 9A, 2nd Floor, High Street.
1 Utama Shopping Centre.


EatTravelEat said...

Looks beautiful and very fresh! I like their plate presentations, and the salmon sashimi is making my mouth water.

SimpleGirl said...

I love the food here, good and reasonable price!!!

foodbin said...

always happy to share.

Duckie said...

i love this place!!! just don't like the que.

Allie said...

I want to eat Stamina Roll-rice!! I luv unagi!!

Selba said...

I just came back from my lunch at Japanese restaurant but looking at your pictures make me hungry again! yummmm....

Karen @ Mignardise said...

The sushi looks amazing! I love all kinds of Asian food.
Thanks for reading my blog

Olga said...

The one with avocado looks AMAZING! Love sushi.