Thursday, March 19, 2009


Restoran 6868 is located in a obscured, two double storey shop lot in Taman Kobena, 31/2 Miles, Cheras with Stores and Car workshops as neighbors. The place (stall) where they cooked fronted the shop and the food are only cooked upon order, so it is very fresh and tasty! They are open from 10 am-1 am and the place is devoid of any fancy decor. When we were there at about 11.30 am, we were their only customer, was skeptical ? about the food. The cranky young lady owner recommended their signature noodles which turns out to be good and value for money.

Fried Mee Suah Noodle Soup with Yee Wat (Fish paste) comes with Tomatoes and Spinach-Mee Suah was a bit salty and the generous amount of fish paste was firm and springy-soup was brilliant (traces of Sole fish and Sweet Turnips) with a clean fresh taste-rm6/

Fried Fish Head (fried only upon order) Noodle Soup with thick vermicelli and filled with Tomatoes, Preserved Chinese Mustard which add a sourish flavor to the special milky, tasty evaporated milk broth-plus a dash of Shao Hing wine-rm5.50/

Fish slices in Lai Fun Noodle Soup came with the same ingredients as the Fried Fish Head Noodle-Lai Fun was super smooth and the Grass Carp Fish slices was fresh and fleshy-rm5.50/.

Dumpling in Soup-Six piece of smooth Wanton Skin Wrapped Dumplings-filled with Minced Pork, Water Chestnut, Spring Onion, Carrots and Prawn-highly recommended-rm7/

Total bill:Rm25/
Location:12,14 Jalan5/92B,
Taman Kobena, Kuala Lumpur


Selba said...

Wonder why it's called 6868? auspicious number? hehehe...

foodbin said...

1.easy to remember,2.the number 6868 signifies prosperity.

SimpleGirl said...

wow, the food looks so homecooked...I especially like the noodle and dumpling....price wise also quite reasonable ya!

worldwindows said...

This is a noodles haven with premium bowls of goodness. I like it.

Food Paradise said...

I always wanted to try the milky types of fish bee hoon soup. Should tastes nice. lol