Sunday, March 29, 2009


Wan Tan Mee is everybody's favorite noodle, you can have it at anytime of the day. The art of cooking the noodle is the most crucial part of preparing this simple and tasty dish. I have found one stall at Restoran Simon's Delight in Petaling Jaya, that does just that. Ah Lek, the stall owner was formerly from Restoran Intan in Section 17, this guy is quite a show off especially when he cooks the noodle-flipping and tossing it (watch the video clip). He even told me that his customers called him "Char Siew King". We ordered two plates of dry noodle with wan ton, two pieces of pork dumplings and his trademark Char Siew.

Char siew straight from the oven.

The Char Siew was what i expected-not too lean with the right amount of fats-tender, well marinated and caramelized with honey and malt sugar.

The Siew Kow was big with a generous amount of fillings like water chestnut, carrot, black fungus, prawn and minced pork.

The Wan Ton Mee was springy and tossed with a light soy sauce and lard and served with some blanched Choy Sam.

Watch how he flips the noodle from the hot pot to the cold pot and tossing it upwards to rid the noodles of water.

Total bill:Rm10/
Location:63, Jalan 20/20,
Paramount Garden,

Petaling Jaya.


Little Inbox said...

The char siew was cut in the wrong way, haha I guess it must be chewy.

Bangsar-bAbE said...

The glistening char siew & and sui kow looks delish!

I hope they have the fatter cho mee, as I'm not a fan of wan tan mee =P

worldwindows said...

This guy got style. Flamboyance and cook is normal I think as both neat an artist at heart.

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

wow.... the sui kow... looks delicious.

SimpleGirl said...

agreed! the char siew looks super good!

email2me said...

This is so near my office .... never notice of this stall before. Must give it a shot liao.

Big Boys Oven said...

hahahah the char siew looks so innocently good! yum yum!

mimid3vils said...

I'm not sure about others, but wonton mee definitely my all time favorite!!!

foodbin said...

LInbox-just a few pieces but was ok.
Bbabe-got cho mee also.
WW-he's a nice guy.
FPdise-lovely sui kow, indeed.
Sgirl-one of best 8/10.
eM2me-open two weeks ago.
BBoven-for me-the best char siew from a stand alone stall in a coffee shop.
MM3vils-agreed, no doubt about it.

burpandslurp said...

I like wantons with a whole juicy shrimp inside and more filling to wrapper ratio. I can't stand wantons with those really large "tails" anorexic!
these look fabulous though.

Z said...

Good to see the Char Siew King on youtube. Expect more customers and their cameras!

foodbin said...

BandSurp-you will like the wanton and dumpling.
Z-he does the stunt whenever he cooks the noodle-he was thankful that i put him on Youtube.

550ml jar of faith said...

Oh this looks heavenly! I used to live in Sec 17 and didn't know about this! Tsk tsk, to have missed this in the neighbourhood... unforgivable!

Phil said...

Ah Lek has now open a new shop @ SeaPark not too far from Simon Delight. Its called 'Char Siew Zhai Wan Tan Mee'. Just a shop away from the famous loong foong roast duck.