Sunday, October 12, 2008


Normally on Sunday, we eat out for lunch. Today was a special day as my brothers came to visit us and for one of them it was his birthday too. The two grand chefs of the house ganged up together to concoct the best laksa in the universe. Awesome power! one specialises in nyonya cooking, the other in fusion style. While i lend support, ferrying them to market to buy the freshest produce. We bought a roast duck from Restoran Sunrise while my sister-in-law's Hannah bought a chocolate cake for her husband. It was a happy gathering and everyone was overstuffed with cholesterol laden foods.

Prawn shells-boiled to make the broth.

The pot of broth filled with scum of coconut oil on the surface- rich, red, creamy and spicy-made with dry chillies, candle nut, turmeric, shrimp paste, shallots, garlic, lengkuas(galangkal) and coconut milk. (warning:cholesterol laden)

Thinly sliced fresh prawns.

Thinly sliced home made fish cake.

Thinly sliced cucumber.

Plucked bean sprouts

Finely chopped daun kesum(lat liu)-for added flavor

Pounded garlic- for added flavor

All the freshly made ingredients laid on the table-select the type of noodle and ingredients and poured the laksa broth over it.

Yellow noodle.

Thick rice noodle.

Flat rice noodle (kway- teow)

Rice vermicelli

Delicious mouth watering laksa Singapore.

Crispy,aromatic roast duck

Time to eat, self service for every one.

The birthday boy with his two kids, thanks for the cake!

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