Friday, October 10, 2008


The owner of this restaurant is very gimmicky in the sense that he gives the customers what they want, in terms of voucher, free desserts and the promotion of rm5.80/dish to draw in the lunch time crowd. He was formerly a chef in the Overseas Restaurant so his dishes are quite presentable and good value for money. It is located in Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur facing the crossroad junction of the Bintang Smart school. It is also a stone throwaway distance from my office. Today the five were very carnivorous because we ordered five meat dishes and only one vegetable.

The front facade of the restaurant.

The place was simple and clean but the bright yellow tablecloth was a bit too outlandish.

Stir fry lean meat with ginger and spring onion- meaty and lovely texture

Minced meat with choy poh(preserved dry vegetable stem)-perfectly blended.

Clay pot braised mutton-very gamy and buttery in aroma-goes well with the sesame oil,chillies prickled bean curd sauce below.
Spinach in superior soup-with anchovies and some wolf berries and the sole green to balance off the meat.

Pig's stomach soup-was peppery in taste and doesn't have the "burn your throat" sensation.

Pig's intestine cooked with dry shrimp-the shrimp was crispy and lend a good taste to the otherwise bland intestine(only from female pigs)

The team of carnivorous eater.
Total bill + tea:rm90/

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