Friday, October 10, 2008


The Royal Selangor Club Kiara sport annexe is a branch of the Royal Selangor Club in Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur.It's also known as "The Spotted Dog". It was a social club founded by the British in 1884 and that's makes it 124 years old! Here in Kiara they have a field for all types of sporting activities and a swimming pool too.Both my parent are life member of the club and we dine here at least once a month. The food at the Dataran in Kuala Lumpur during the hey days was good and i remembered watching men in white playing and running around with a bat and ball which i learned later to be cricket. At that time i was about 13 years old. We usually go there for lunch on weekends, it was fun hearing the clock chimed every hour. Now at Kiara the food is not so consistent because they keep on changing the caterer. But the ambience, quietness and spaciousness, make up for the short comings. As you know club's food offering are only commendable. They have a la carte meal, Western, local, Japanese and even pizza too.
Tonight the five of us ordered:

The grand entrance with Mock Tudor styling.

Night view from the car park-the palm trees are real ones!

Lobby area-where you can browse, sit or do your things.

Menu with crimson red cover

Paper towel

Spacious dining area-air conditioned inside and alfresco dining outside.

Pizza Mama Mia- better than a lot of other pizza-rm12/

Minced chicken, mushroom, chillies - not too cheesy but very crispy.

Fettuccine alla carbonara-with bits of beef, sliced mushroom and black pepper-topped with egg and cheese sauce - too peppery-rm14/

Spaghetti alla carbonara-with the above mentioned ingredients- mediocre-rm14/

Grilled ikan kurau-with french fries, tartar sauce and coleslaw-big chunk, well seared and have quite a number of big bones-fresh and caramelized on the surface.-rm18/

Hainanese chicken chop with toasted bread and butter-baked beans, capsicum, meat was tender and gravy was thick and flavorful.rm11/

Carrot juice-rm3/

Watermelon juice-rm3/

Iced lemon tea-rm2/


ZUSA said...

On our next trip I just need to refer to your blogs and list the restaurants you visited.

foodbin said...

some are not halal

thenomadGourmand said...

goin ther for dinner tmw..seems tht the only thing i should order is hainanese chic chop???