Sunday, October 5, 2008


Porridge is cook using rice. The best type of rice to use is the fragrant rice, which is very fragrant and smooth when cooked. I love to eat porridge from an early age. My mother used to cook Hokkien porridge with sweet potatoes and served with fried anchovies, salted peanuts, pickled Chinese mustard, salted duck's egg, bean curd.....etc. In fact i ate porridge for a month after my surgery. It's also good for people recuperating from illness. As September 1 was a public holiday, the two of us drove to Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur for a breakfast of porridge at Kedai Hon Kee. The drive was a breeze with no traffic jam. We ordered a bowl of sliced big head carp fish with lots of coriander, a bowl of minced pork balls with century egg and a plate of crullers (yao char kwai). The porridge was silky smooth and the fish was fresh and the pork balls was meaty.

total bill:rm12/

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