Sunday, October 5, 2008


Seri Petaling

This restaurant have 3 shop lots, 2 air conditioned and the rest alfresco style along the sidewalk. Instead of charcoal fire, they used gas and induction cooker.The broth for the soup was clear and only one type. It was sweet and flavorful after all the ingredients are cooked. The ingredients are fresh-garoupa fish fillet, prawns, white soft bean curd, bean curd skin, fish noodle,beehoon, yee mee, eggs, two types of vegetables. The chillies sauce plus sweet bean sauce was a good dip for the cooked food. The side dishes are charged separately! Parking is ample.

Induction cooker with clear broth

Mixed ingredients for -rm 13/pax

Crab with roe -rm 22.80/

Fried bean curd - rm6/

Freshly made minced pork dumplings-rm 10/

Tong oh vegetables - rm6/

Fresh and thinly sliced pork belly - rm12/

Enokitaki or golden needle mushroom - rm7/

Noodles and eggs comes with the ingredients

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