Monday, October 20, 2008


We had our lunch here after descending from Genting Highlands at about 1.30 p.m. This restaurant is a covered open air eatery, cool and airy with fruit trees planted around the shop. I spotted a durian tree by the side of the Taliapia fish pond, with lots of fruits-very tempting! A friend of ours recommended this place. Their signature's dishes are wild frogs, fresh river fish, river prawns, poultry and venison. I wanted to taste their steam frog, too bad it was not available. Anyway for the 2 of us, we opted for 3 simple dishes after the heavy breakfast just 5 hours ago. The dishes were home cooked style, light, refreshing and tasty plus affordable.

Full of durians-looks to be of good quality.

Menu all written in Chinese displayed on a white board.

Simple furnishings.

Stir fry fresh mushroom with fish paste-mushroom-distinctive flavor, smooth and moist-fish paste firm and springy- rm8/

Stir fry water cress with garlic-fresh, leafy and healthy-full of vitamins-rm5/

Stuffed minced pork tau pok in robust clear soup-was filled with thick minced pork and spring onion-soup was MSG-free-rm5/

Location:About 5km from Genting Sempah heading to Kuantan-turn left on seeing Bukit Tinggi, then turn right and go through the underpass -turn right again-go straight -Restaurant 126 is on your left.

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