Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This charity event was held on the 28/9/08 at the park next to the SS2 food court in Petaling Jaya. It was organized by the Lovely Disabled Community with the help of able volunteers. The food and things are made and sponsored by well wishers and the money made are for charity. We bought rm30/ voucher and spent them on popiah, herbal eggs, assorted sweet delicacies, big onions and shallots. There was even a lion dance performance and the atmosphere was vibrant.

Three lions-waiting to perform.

Lovely lass-volunteered their time- selling sweet potatoes. onions and shallots.rm2/bag

Spicy chillies.

Ingredients for making popiahs.

Making popiah-the queue was getting longer- waiting for them to pack it. rm5/for 2

Plastic tubs of pickled vegetables-rm5/

Herbal tea eggs-rm3/

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