Sunday, October 19, 2008


Last Saturday,we were invited to attend a 8 course dinner plus free hotel accommodation in Genting Highland, Pahang. the event was organized by the Rice Wholesaler's Association of Malaysia, and was held at the Genting International Convention Centre. The last time we went to Genting was a year ago, so this was a good trip to rest and rejuvenate. We left our house at 8 a.m. and have a light dim sum breakfast at Restoran Tuck Kee at Kepong Maluri before cruising on the MRR2 to the resort. The drive up was a breeze except for the last lap from the Chinese temple towards the resort which was full of steep road gradient. Upon arriving and parking the car in the hotel basement's car park, our top agenda was to have a fling at the casino.

Heading to the Highland Resort's casino through a myriads of interconnecting stair escalators from the the indoor theme park.

We stayed in this hotel-The First World Hotel and Plaza-the room was a bit crammed-no complaint since it's on the house.

We went out for some fresh mountain air after all the stuffy and smoke filled and unhealthy air in the casino- a view of the outdoor theme park.

A replica of the city's twin towers in the indoor theme park.

A preview of DreamZ magic show dancers-for viewing go to preview 1.

After all the walking and sightseeing, we had lunch at Restaurant Good Friends-a typical oriental restaurant serving dim sum and Chineses cuisine and snacks.

Chinese tea-rm1.50/pax-to go with our noodles-saved the best for tonight's dinner!

The array of roast chicken, pork and BBQ pork belly available-so tempting!

We ordered and shared a plate of dry noodle with 6 pieces of wan ton-was a big letdown the BBQ pork was cold with odd and bits pieces-rm16.10

A claypot of yee mee-came sizzling hot-filled with vegetables, crab sticks, deep fried flour crackers and a raw egg-was tasty-rm18.40.

After lunch, took a brisk walk around the indoor theme park, watching happy children having fun with their various rides, before checking into the room for some rest.


ZUSA said...

Waaaaahhh.... any luck at the tables?

foodbin said...

yes,we missed 3 jackpots- sayang lah