Monday, October 13, 2008


My niece's Iris and her mum want to visit my daughter's Mindy at her home in Puchong. The drive to her place was terrible, with the after office car jams. She recommended us to have dinner at Restoran Shabu Shabu (Japanese style steamboat), then proceed to her condo.This part of Puchong is thriving with lots of restaurant specialising in many types of cuisine. This restaurant is located beside the Giant hypermarket in Bandar Puteri, Puchong. It is fully air conditioned and is simple, with a steel conveyor placed in the center to send the food to tables on the side of it-for a la carte menu only, for buffet style it's upstairs.We managed to persuade the waitress to let us have buffet style on the ground floor as my mum was too weak to climb up the stairs. For this set we can order unlimited food items listed on a menu (see the 6th photo). It cost rm26/person-drinks are free-green tea, sky juice and slurpee.The different plates of food-usually a plate of two items-is quite a sight to behold. The only set back is most of it are frozen and not as freshly made as in Coca. The plus point- it was hygienic, each one have individual pot of broth to cook with. The sauces are chilies, soya sauce with sesame oil and spring onion with lots of deep fried shallots. For me i went for the fresh sliced fish and pork belly, vegetables, prawns, oyster mushrooms....etc i abstained from those frozen balls-i.e. fish. beef, prawn mixed vegetables balls . A word of advice, the restaurant is filled with CCTV cameras, i don't understand why they need it? Intruding into our privacy .

The striking entrance.

Note the steel conveyor belt snaking around

The six of us busy eating- no time to pose!

After the eating time out to have a drink.

19,Jalan Puteri1/6, Bandar Puteri, Puchong.

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