Sunday, October 19, 2008


Tom yam seafood soup:was well balanced and not overpowering
comes with mussels, squids, prawns, crab sticks, and fish rm27.90/

Nyonya Pandan chicken:the screwpine wrapped chicken was full of
flavor and well marinated- rm7.90/

Preserved Chinese vegetables"mui choy" groundnut tofu: the beancurd was soft and smooth, the gravy goes well with the rice

Nyonya jiu hu char:the turnips were sweet, with deep fried shallot topping
wrapped it up with the fresh lettuce -best! rm12.90/

Nyonya pie-tee:fillings are turnip, spring onion, cashew nut, corn,
crabstick, add chillies sauce and eat it in one big bite . so crunchy!

We never expected the food to be good, the restaurant is located in the ATRIA shopping complex in Damasara Jaya. Actually we were there to buy some books at the bookshop on the first floor and then intend to have KFC. The restaurant caught our attention with it's cosy settings and after tasting the food, we just loved it. Will go back to try their other dishes.

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