Thursday, October 9, 2008


Prawn mee or "hae mee" was originated from Penang. This prawn mee stall is a house hold name
, i have been patronizing this stall since my schooling days. For me this is the best prawn mee stall in the whole of P. Jaya, no doubt about it. The broth is the killer! full of prawn flavor. The owner told me that everyday he wakes up at 2 a.m. to go to the Selayang market to buy the freshest prawn to make his broth. His prawn mee is authentic, no frills like pig tail, pork ribs .......etc the main noodles used are yellow noodle and rice vermicelli and the main ingredients are slices of boiled lean loin eye muscle pork, slices of small prawn, kangkung(water spinach), beansprouts, deep fried shallots and some fried lard plus the best chillies sambal aound. Side orders are hard boiled egg and whole prawns.

It is located at Restoran Kam Heong in P.Jaya New Town Centre besides UOB bank.


ZUSA said...

You mean fried lard is added when preparing the broth?

foodbin said...

as a topping