Tuesday, October 7, 2008


My dad wants to have something special for dinner, instead of his mundane steamed fish fillet rice dinner every other day. There were too many choices and as it was drizzling, the point of focus was on to Pantai Seafood restaurant, located in Kayu Ara, Damansara, Petaling Jaya, where parking was easy and he won't get drench when getting out of the car. Actually we are regular of this restaurant and tonight there were 15 of us and we ordered our usual dishes:

Fresh live local and exotic seafood- nicely arranged and ready to be chosen for the dinner table.

Busy waiters and captains going about their chores.


Salted duck egg yolk crabs-was done well, not too oily and covered with generous amount of duck yolk-was nicely cut into bite pieces too.

Stir fry lotus roots with celery(can lower cholesterol).sweet peas, button mushroom, carrot-was surprised the various vegetables blended so well-was crunchy and highly nutritious.

A bucket of steamed free range chicken-was herbal in flavor but the broth was a bit salty.the ginger dip goes well with the lean chicken meat

Angled loofahs with soft deep fried bean curd-my dad's favorite- just melt in the mouth with each bite. my nephew loves the gravy.

Deep fried pork ribs-was well battered, meaty and hints of lam yee(preserved bean curd) taste-everyone get to savor it.

Boiled fresh grass prawns-sweet, fresh and succulent but high in cholesterol.

Stir fry kang kong(water morning glory) with chillies and shrimps paste-a bit over cooked but was finished anyway.

Egg omelette with onion and shrimp-was nicely browned and soft and fluffy inside.

Total bill + drinks:rm320/


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ZUSA said...

Another dining experience. Next trip I must accompany you to some of these restaurants.