Wednesday, January 21, 2009


PJ 19 Food Planet was formerly known as 888 Food Planet. The change of name signifies a change of ownership, i think. It is airy, spacious and huge for a food court and very comfortable to walk and browse around without the fear of getting brush or knock by other people. There is a Cyber cafe located in one corner and a Snooker center upstairs. What i like about eating in food court is that i can sample more varieties of food in one go. Prices are reasonable and there is more than 30 stalls to choose from. Parking is partly covered and open air and is free after 6 p.m.

Their new logo perched on the rooftop.

Chicken rice with sausage and coleslaw-chicken was crispy and tender -rm6/.

Clay pot white porridge with sliced fish-topped with pepper and finely chopped spring onion-hot and savory porridge-rm 7/

Dry buckwheat noodle with fried chicken, braised egg-yummy-rm5/

Char kway teow(flat white noodle) with shrimp, cockles and lots of beansprout-fiery hot-rm5/

Clay pot chicken rice plus a raw egg-chicken was well marinated and the rice was fragrant rm7/.

Double boiled lotus root soup-lots of peanuts-dried squid-dates-soup was clear-good for health-rm4/

Location: Section 19, Petaling Jaya,
Next to TOC (The Otomotif College.)


Caesar Beezer The Wonder Dog said...

Wow - have I got a lot to learn! Your blog is filled with recipes I've never even heard of before and all of them have my mouth watering! Thanks for visiting my blog so I could find yours - I'll definitely be back!! Nan PS: Google/Blogger only let me sign in with my other blog, which is my dog's blog but my blog is - see you soon!

Tan.wiratchada said...

Nice posted and informative. Oh...from Petaling Jaya...hummm...interesting..;)

SimpleGirl said...

buckwheat noodle, so healthy....not available everywhere lei...

Gayathri said...

Thank you Jeff, I got your entry.

Julian Si said...

Thanks for sharing the review :-) Here's mine!