Monday, January 12, 2009


Home made steamed Yam cake by my mum.

The steamed Yam cake (Wu Tau Koh) is make from rice flour- it was a bit too soft to my liking but was filled with lots of purplish white cubed yam (taro), finely sliced Shitake mushroom, waxed pork, finely chopped dried shrimp, preserved Chinese Mustard stem, a bit of 5 Spices powder and Chinese sausages. Topped it up with lot of crushed roast peanut, finely chopped spring onion and deep fried shallots. Eat it with Lingham's garlic, chili sauce and sweet bean paste sauce- smell and taste excellent!


Leslie said...

This is a very interesting dish. However I bet it tastes amazing!
Thanks for stopping by my blog

Janel said...

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