Friday, January 2, 2009


We went to Hoong Kee Seafood Noodle House for our weekly lunch get together. It is located behind Jaya Jusco, Taman Maluri and beside the Hotel Maluri. This area is haphazard, busy and choked with traffic with many double parked cars along the road. Finding a parking space is like finding a pin in a hay stack. In the night, it's transform into a Steamboat restaurant. But, what i like about this place, is the freshness of the ingredients used and it's reasonable prices.

The shop sign board.

Loh See Fun (rice noodle)-dry version with dark soy sauce and garnished with chopped spring onion and a bowl of mixed seafood soup (above)-sliced garouper fish, lala(shellfish), fish cake , prawn, Japanese seaweed, squid and deep fried bean curd sheet-soup was clear and seafood were fresh but the bean curd sheet was tough to chew-rm8/.

Mixed seafood soup with rice vermicelli-my buddy, Steven scooped up every drop of the flavorsome soup-rm8/.

Mixed seafood soup with rice vermicelli and yellow noodle-rm8/

Side order:fish balls-was firm and springy-rm4/

Siu Kow (meat dumpling)-the wanton skin was silky smooth but the fillings would have tasted better if water chestnut and minced prawn were added to it-rm4/.

Fish cake-was firm and tasty-one of best that i ever ate-rm3.50/.

Total bill:rm38/.
Location:27, Jalan Jejaka 5,
Taman Maluri, Cheras,
Kuala Lumpur.

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