Friday, January 30, 2009


Restoran Hao Yi Lou is a modern Chinese non- halal restaurant. As it is located in Tapah, Perak, I would rate it as a 5 star restaurant. From the Tapah interchange, turned left at the traffic light junction and drive for a about one kilometer, the restaurant is on your right just opposite of Kg Baru, Kg Pahang. It is a two units double storey shoplot with air conditioning upstairs. The restaurant is sparkling new, clean and well designed with aquariums for live fishes and crustaceans and an "island" for preparing beverages. The main kitchen is at the rear so that you won't get a smoky atmosphere while eating.The owner and Chef Mr.Leong constantly update and create new dishes to satisfy his hungry and loyal customers.Tonight, the second day of CNY my b.i.l. Chor and his family invited us here for dinner. We did not get to sit upstairs as it was fully booked. The place was packed with diners and was a bit chaotic as expected during CNY. Many people without reservations were politely turned away. The price were reasonable and not "cut throat" as in most restaurants! After the delicious dinner we placed another reservation for tomorrow's dinner (air-cond upstairs).

The front facade of the restaurant.

Aquariums filled with live fishes.

The Island for making beverages.

Chef Leong (center) with his team of chefs.

Hungry diners.

Stir fried Sliced De-boned Eel with dry chillies, scallion and big onions-fresh with a soft texture-lots of "Wok Hei".

Stir fried Water Spinach with sambal belachan-all times favorites.

Deep Fried Chicken with Thai sauce-garnished with sliced big onion and fresh lettuce at the base-crispy, hot and tender meat.

Stir fried Mixed vegetables-very well balanced dish- lots of nutrition.

Braised Water Terrapin-very rarely available-meaty and gelatine-like texture, my favorite.

Stir fried "Pak Koo Choy" (Wild Fern)-too salty because of too much anchovies-i'd prefer La La Cheong's version with tuna..

Steamed River Prawns with egg whites-was the best of the night-fresh, juicy and succulent.

Steamed River White Whisker Catfish-flesh was fresh, white and fine in texture.

Total bill:rm120/
Location:1 & 2, Persiaran Tapah Indah 1/3,
Taman Tapah Indah 3,
Tapah, Perak.
Tel:016-532-8678/012-463-5590/ 05-401-8148.


Anonymous said...

RM120 real onot?

foodbin said...

Anon 3:42-we got special discount.

Unknown said...

Can reserve table or not??

foodbin said...

Unknown-reservation is welcome.