Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I found out from a friend that the owner and chef, Ah Keong was formerly from the famous Cheow Yang Restaurant in SS2, Petaling Jaya. His signature dishes are varied and the couple of time that i have ate here, the food were always well presented, consistent, tasty and most important affordable! Tonight the waitress recommended the rare "Hoi Tai Kai" fish-done in Teo Chew style which was a disaster-overcooked!

Steamed Hoi tai kai-(Giant humpback wrasse)-Teo Chew style-garnished with sliced mushroom, garlic and coriander leaves-sourish and tangy- was a bit overcooked-turning the flesh into a rough texture-what a waste!

Clay pot braised eggplant with minced meat- traces of salted fish-very pleasant to the palate.

Garlic Sea prawns-with a lots of finely chopped garlic-big, fresh and succulent.

Stir fried bitter gourd with lean pork strips-green and sliced in a slanted angle-good bite pieces-delicate bitter taste.

Total bill:rm109/.
Location:135,Jalan SS2/6, Petaling Jaya.


hannah said...

Ei? i thot you're out of town... how come blogging about SS2??!?

foodbin said...

i can blog from anywhere in the world.