Thursday, January 8, 2009


I had my lunch of Pan Mee (dough made from wheat flour and eggs) at Restoran Fock Guan in Pandan Perdana Commercial center. Cheras. The lady running this stall, has the warmest and cutest smile to melt into your heart. She cooks a "mean" pan mee-there are two types 1. Machine made or 2. Hand torn. I ordered the hand torn ones and told her to pull and stretch it as thinly as possible.
All this while i thought my wife's version was the best but this lady's version is quite close and could match hers.' Anyway the broth she uses is anchovies based when my wife is fish based, which is more milky- like, both versions were just as tasty with lots of spinach added to it! This stall open from 8.15 a.m. till late noon and be prepare to wait as she cooks each bowl of Pan Mee individually.

The lovely lady with a big smile for all her customers.

Vegetables available are Spinach and Kow Kei Choy.

The broth was clear and tasty and filled with smooth hand torn Pan Mee and topped with extra spinach, minced meat, 4 pieces of pork balls, strips of black fungus, chopped spring onion and nicely browned crackling anchovies- I was perspiring after this yummy meal-rm5/

Hot, spicy chilies to add flavor to the Pan Mee.


Debby said...

Mmm, that soup is making my mouth water. Along with the eggplant down further. And thanks for visiting my blog, recklesstarragon.

Lori Lynn said...

I love this soup! Crackling anchovies especially!