Sunday, January 4, 2009


Restoran Keong Kee is situated around the Imbi area next to Restaurant Yu Jia and opposite One Plus Shabu Shabu. The chef is one of the brothers of the "Tai See Tow" clan, (under the big tree trunk) off Jalan Silang in Kuala Lumpur. They were formerly "off shoots" from the famous, Restoran Soh Kee, also in Imbi Road. Their signature dishes are fried noodles- Sang Har Mein (fresh river prawns mee) and Ngow Hor (beef noodle). Of all the brothers i preferred this guy's cooking. This place is sparkling clean, with tables, chairs and the floor- oil stain free. I would rate this restaurant's hygiene and their open kitchen as Grade A. Even the sliced red and bird's eye chili are washed and cleaned. Parking is ample all around the area.

Clean interior-felt so comfortable.

Fried egg noodle (yee mein) Cantonese style-with choy sam, prawns, pork strips, intestine and liver-was full of smooth, thick, gooey egg gravy-mouth watering!

Fried beef noodle (ngow hor)-with whole stalk spring onion, sliced young ginger- the beef strips was generous in portion -well tenderized and fine in texture-tantalize your taste buds!

Steamed free range chicken with black fungus (can lower cholesterol), tied golden lily buds and traces of oyster sauce-was tender, muscular and delicately flavored with a dash of Chinese wine too- got oomp!.

Fried wide white noodle mixed with rice vermicelli-Cantonese style- same ingredient as the fried egg noodle-the crispy rice vermicelli absorbed the gravy well- taste wise was similar to the fried egg noodle- very consistent.

Blanched Romaine lettuce-leafy and crunchy-too small portion for the five of us.

Total bill:rm78/


SimpleGirl said...

the "ngoh ho" loks not easy to get nice one here in Malaysia ya!

foodbin said...

this is the best i've ever tasted.

Hungry Gal said...

I love beef fried noodle... and that looks so good.

and thanks to you - for stopping by my blog.