Saturday, January 24, 2009


As most of the coffee shops were closed on the eve of the Chinese New Year festival, we opted to have our tea time at Dragon One, located at the same row with Sri Murni and next to a Maxis Center. Dragon One is a small and quaint air conditioned restaurant with the front sectioned up for smoking diners. The service was good and the food served was fresh and on par with big names restaurant. The toilet's walls were decked up with black and white square tiles-very creative! while the dining area, sidewall were fixed with ceiling high mirrors, giving the restaurant, an illusion of spaciousness. Parking during the weekend was O.K.

Stir fried Bean sheet with shrimps, beansprouts, eggs and sliced carrots-the sheets was soft and springy in texture-shrimps was fresh and succulent-similar to fried Kuay Teow but better in many ways-rm7.50/

Avocado with Kataifi-the Kataifi was like rice vermecelli and deep fried with the generous fillings of avocado-soft and sweet-rm5/

Prawn dumpling-just like Har Kow-the smooth transculent skin was filled with two fresh prawns and Spinach-really fine texture-rm4.80/

Shanghai Dumpling-oozing with the juices from the meat-eat with the finely sliced young ginger and black vinegar sauce-heavenly!-rm6/

Roselle juice-came with some preserved Roselle petals-sweet and fruity taste-good thirst quencher-rm4.90/

Location:59, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS2/75,
Petaling Jaya,

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Tan.wiratchada said...

I very interesting by Dumpling in any kind, deep fry or steamed. Great posted. Thank you for stoppin by mine too.;)