Monday, January 5, 2009


Eggplant-Brinjal or Aubergine is quite a versatile vegetable. It can helps to maintain optimum health, weight loss, high in anti-oxidants and high in fiber. It can be cooked in a lot of styles and it's melt in your mouth if cooked properly.When cooked with Petai (twisted cluster beans) the stinking smell from our urine will be eliminated.
I ate this special eggplant dish at Restoran Hua Xing, in Plaza Seri Setia, Petaling Jaya. Thought of sharing it with everyone. For those who hates eggplant, i think they will be converted by this dish.

The Eggplant-cut into strips of equal lengthwise was coated with flour- deep fried and then drained off, it's oil. Tossed with lots of deep fried, finely chopped garlic, chilies, dried shrimps, lard and garnished with chopped spring onions. The eggplant was crisp and moist inside, with the extra flavors of the garlic, hot chilies and crispy dried shrimps and lard, it was heavenly! Goes well with beer too.

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