Saturday, January 17, 2009


My company annual dinner are usually Eight course dinner affair, held at restaurant. This year's dinner was a bit low key, because of cost cutting. Tonight, buffet style dinner was held at our office cum warehouse, with the food catering done by WYK Catering Services at Rm32/person. For this dinner, we invited about 120 people plus guests, staff and our families. The food served was tasty, fresh and delicious and the guests had a nice time, with every one going for second round. There were 13 types of food and sweet desserts to sample plus the usual fried rice and fried vermicelli Siam style. For drinks we have free flowing beer, Coke, Sprite, Orange juice, mineral water and Chinese tea. Overall this dinner was a success and every one went home with a full stomach!

Three red and white canopy provided free of charge.

The decorations on the buffet tables.

Golden dragon eye-duck yolk encased with fish paste-yummy.

Sambal squid-curry with Petai- hot and spicy goes well with the fried rice.

Shark fin soup with crab meat-never expected to be serve this dish for buffet but was done just nice-would have tasted better with some black vinegar.

Marmite sauce ribs- well marinated and meaty.

Vegetarian Abalone, mushroom-with lots of broccoli florets-the only green to balance off all the meat..

Superior braised sea treasure-with lots of soft and smooth shitake mushroom and and low quality sea cucumber.

Salted eggs prawns-with curry leaves flavored and fresh and succulent prawns.

Sesame coated red bean paste pastry.

Yellow tapioca cake-was firm and coconut flavored and jelly cake was gelatin like and not too sweet.

Beef and chicken satay-was everyone's favorite- well marinated and smokey, turmeric flavored-was a side order at 60cts/sticks.

Everyone choosing their favorite food.

WYK Catering Services,
481, Jalan Jambu Air Mawar,
Jinjang Selatan, Kuala Lumpur,
Tel:03-6258-0086 - 012-380-3080.

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Anonymous said...

Your food makes my mouth water! Pork Satay is one of my fave :)

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foodbin said...

thanks for the info-will post more on our local food

Alice said...

The photos look great!!