Friday, January 30, 2009


This second dinner at Restoran Hao Yi Lou was more comfortable as we have it at the air conditioned dining area upstairs. The stair's landing were beautifully tiled and the the table's swivel was embossed with a motif of a Dragon and a Phoenix. There is a small stage for weddings, karaoke or any happy events.The place was clean and cooling with all the air condition on full blast and not a trace of stuffiness in the air.This dinner was at the invitation of Hling and her husband Chew, the owner of the most modern and upscale Cyber Cafe in Tapah.We started the dinner with the tossing of Yee Sang and then followed on with 7 others sumptuous dishes with Hling's mother losing her front teeth while biting on a Hawaii! Overall tonight's dinner was better than yesterdays' and i will definitely come again to taste their other tasty dishes.

The chairs and yellow cloth tables in the air conditioned top floor area looks much more classy than the ground floor.

The motif of Dragon and Phoenix on the table's swivel.

Yee Sang or Fish Salad as a starter was most appropriate-lots of fiber and crackling fritters-rm23/.

Tossed River prawns with garlic-was tender, juicy and aromatic with some roe, too-rm42/.

Buttered Fish- the Tilapia Fish was fillet and deep fried -full of butter flavors-excellent nibbles-rm18/.

Stir fried Hawaii Nuts with Glaze Dried Shrimps-was nutty in flavor and the shrimps was crispy, Hling's mother broke a tooth while biting on it!-rm18/

Blanched Choy Sam with a toppings of Ham and Crab meat gravy-the Choy Sam's stem was big, fat and crunchy-would have tasted better with a thicker gravy-rm15/.

Braised Water Terrapin-just can't have enough of these- good anti- ageing properties!-rm20/
Tung Po Rou with Bok Choy-was well marinated and braised, soft, meaty and lots of elasticity-rm12/.

Monk Jumps Over The Wall-a similar version with sliced abalone instead of a whole abalone-the superior soup was double boiled under a low flame for many hours with a whole chicken, ham, mushrooms, sea cucumber, shark fin and fish maw to produce a clear, sweet and delicious soup-i had 3 bowls of this soup!-rm120/.

Close up of the bowl of soup.


CM said...

The buttered fish looks incredible.

foodbin said...

it tastes good too.

foodbin said...

it tastes good too.

Tan.wiratchada said...

This set look delicious all of them. May be because of your beautiful photos take? :)

foodbin said...

it was really good esp. the soup.