Wednesday, January 7, 2009


A cute green frog as a mascot-what a brilliant idea! Sakea Sushi is a Singapore sushi chain with branches in almost all the top shopping malls in Malaysia. What I like about Sakae Sushi, is ordering food on an interactive menu via a LCD screen. They even have a water spigot on each table to facilitate the filling of hot water on Green Tea (best selling beverage) cup. The sushi on the conveyor belt are colored coded plates- according to price. The skill and presentation of the numerous dishes was a sight to behold-most of it are vinegared rice with various toppings-my favorite are smoked unagi and salmon sashimi.The service was slow and bad, as it was a public holiday.

The LCD screen.

Edamame-Green soyabeans-nutty-good appetizer.

Chawan mushi-steamed egg-was smooth.

Tamago-omelette sushi.

Beef Bento set-with rice, miso soup-beef was tough and salty.

Salmon Bento set-with rice, miso soup amd tempura vegetables-fish was chunky with sweet sauce flavored.

Tempura prawns-well battered, big and succulent.

Sushi crepe-crispy with generous fillings.

Smoked unagi sushi with spear of green asparagus-smokey flavored.

A bit of chit-chatting after the satisfying meal.

Total bill:rm238/

LG 1.46


Hungry Gal said...

Hi foodbin

I love chawanmushi. It's so delicious!

nice blog!!!

foodbin said...

it's my fave too.