Thursday, May 29, 2014

Redang Station No 15 @ Sekinchan.

A two hours drive to Sekinchan turned into an extra hour because
of the drizzling rain.

The sky open up when we about to reach there.

Vast tract of green Padi (rice) fields and fruits stall greeted us on both 
sides of the road.

A left turn at the town's main traffic junction led us to Bagan,
another right turn takes us to Redang Station 15.

A rickety makeshift plank platform extended out to the river,
with just three wooden tables bounded with black and white linoleum plastic
sheets which added some contrast to the place. Fishing nets as wall partition.

The shirtless owner cum cook Ah Chuan took our orders and
told us his seafood are only steamed to retains it's freshness and 
sweetness while the oysters are freshly shucked.

The sauces are light soy sauce and homemade red chillies in vinegar.

The meal was very satisfying, "ching" and full of natural, fresh and sweet flavors.

Seafood at it's best !

The only funny thing is, he serves us the shucked fresh oysters last.

The entrance.

Steamed Mantis prawn.

Springy fish balls.

Lala in a sliced ginger and red Bird's eyes chillies soup-slurpped to the last drop!

Steamed Flower crabs-fine texture and sweet meat.

Steamed Sea Prawns-big sized -full freshness and succulent with every bite.

Seven Star Grouper fish-steamed to perfection with just chopped garlic and chillies in light soy sauce.

Freshly shucked oysters-just squeezed the lime juice and eat it.

Fried Maggi mee noodle with canned braised cubed pork and sliced sea prawn-the only dish that was fried.

Dining behind a fishing net facade.

 Total Bill:Rm265/
Location: 296, Lorong 11, Bagan.
Sekincan, Selangor.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Bubbles and Bites@Genting

It was a clear and cool day at 6000 ft Genting Highlands.

As the skyway's cable car was out of service, we went to Bubbles 
and Bites for a teatime bite.

It's a simple and contemporary restaurant with a good view of the 
main hotel that serve western food and a great range of miniature bottles 
of juice, wine, beer...etc from around the world.

Quite an expensive place to dine.

We had a New Orleans pizza and a plate of Aglio seafood and
a bottle of  Applecurrant and Bunderburg Ginger beer.

The pasta came with mussels, squid and prawns garnished with black pepper
was salty.

The pizza is one of best that I have ever ate-thin crispy crust, tomato spread,
sliced onion, ham, spring onion, chicken bits, mushroom topped with mayonnaise and olive oil.
Worth the money !

Aglio Seafood-Rm30/

New Orleans Pizza-Rm29/

Apple Currant Rm30/-Bunderburg Ginger Beer-Rm17/


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sae Ma Eul BBQ@Solaris

A birthday cum early Mother's Day celebration.

Sae Ma Eul BBQ is situated at a busy and tight traffic flowing corner lot shop.

We  had four sets which consisted of pork shoulder, pork belly, baby octopus,
premium pork and LA Galbi (beef).

Side dishes of kimchi pancake, seafood pancake, soybean paste soup, 
stew with grind soybean, fresh lettuce, green chillies , garlic and spicy rice balls 
which my wife does with relish.

Banchan is limited to pickled cucumber with red chillies, spinach and kimchi.

It is best to sit inside the restaurant with retractable vacuum exhaust to extract
the smoke away or else you will smell greasy and smoky.

Sky juice is free flow.

Overall a great and fun meal -bonding and cooking with my family.

Baby Octopus with Korean rice wine.

Kimchi Pancake.
Seafood Pancake.

Making the spicy rice balls.

Total Bill:Rm300/
Location: 1. Ground Floor, Jalan Solaris,
Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.